For over thirty years Gary Frischer and Associates has helped change the course of the legal landscape by creating and/or working on civil rights claims that have generated over three billion dollars in settlements. The financial success is a byproduct of our vision to use the legal system as a tool of change for those whose civil rights have been stomped on.

As a conduit between law firms and plaintiffs we have created a track record second to none in our field.

By breaking the code of silence of the Native American Boarding School System we brought justice for 20,000 victims. By creating the Tribal Trust Funds Litigation over 2.5 billion dollars in mismanaged funds were recovered from the United States Government. By exposing the Los Angeles Police Corruption Scandal, we opened the door for law firms to assist those who were unjustly imprisoned.

Since our inception as a firm that built a clinic in Bhopal India for the victims of the Union Carbide Gas Leak to today we continue to change with the needs of society.

Our present endeavors are to create changes in older institutions such as the Foster Care System as well as launching the first civil rights class action in the virtual world on behalf of Native Americans.