The Native American Tribal Trust Claims

While working on the Native Abuse Claims, my wife, Carrie Leigh, and I were driving on a dirt road with our dear friend Rica Rouse, a Yankton Sioux Tribal Member. I looked up on a hill and saw a massive ranch. I asked Rica, “Aren’t we still on the Rez and I thought you were all poor?” She responded, “yes” to both questions. Consequentially, I asked her if the ranchers pay rent. To which she responded, “they are supposed to but I don’t think that Yankton gets all their money.”
This was in 2003, in 2012 by Presidential Mandate The Tribal Trust Claims began to settle. As of July, 2014, nearly $2 billion has been recovered by the tribes.





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The Native American Boarding School Claims

After we launched the first of what was to be many class actions involving victims of the Native American Boarding School System, a Washington Post Investigative Reporter released a front page article on our work. Within a very short period of time 20.000 victims across the country came forward.








Lavetta Little Elk

With an introduction from Floyd Hand, spiritual leader of the Oglala Sioux, we discovered that the Bad Man clause pertained to rape by a white man on a Sioux Reservation. For the first time in Sioux history, this specific legal approach was used successfully in Federal Court. Lavetta Little Elk was awarded $600,000.



Ramparts – L.A.P.D. Scandal

The firm that represented the 18th Street Gang called us within minutes after the notification that Ovando was to be released from his wrongful conviction.
After looking at files of others claimed to be wrongfully convicted we created a media campaign that would garner worldwide headlines.
The international campaign not only exposed the rogue officers in the L.A.P.D., but it also used a non-gang member as an example of those who were affected by these officers. We were able to demonstrate that violent, uncontrolled police officers can often conduct themselves worse than those who live a life of crime.
This enabled the Plaintiff Attorneys to obtain million dollar settlements for these criminals, who were set up by the L.A.P.D.


Air Philippines – Making Introductions

After discovering that the jurisdiction for this air disaster was the United States’, I negotiated an introduction between a local attorney, who spent his first years of practice in the Philippines, and two of my clients, who were well known aviation attorneys.
After a decade of litigation this turned out to be one of the largest settlements of its kind in history.



Laura Choi vs. Wynn

I represented Laura Choi and her Attorney in her claim against Steve Wynn. Subsequent to Wynn’s numerous attacks against Choi in the Las Vegas media, Choi turned to us for help. To everyone’s shock, we hastily held a massive press conference in Las Vegas to expose the real facts in a very salacious case.
Soon thereafter, the workers rights movement occurred in the City of Sin.



Boeing Rudder Problems

After two 737’s fell out of the sky, our client, a well known aviation attorney, felt as though something was flawed in the structure of this airplane. As we placed him in the press, questioning the structure, Boing was forced to respond. After a few more incidents and a substantial amount of media, other law firms jumped into the mix. Due to the amount of pressure, the FAA took action by grounded the planes in question for retrofitting. This is a situation where applying media pressure saved lives.



Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing – Lockerbie Scotland

We organized a community to protect their rights in the small devastated village in Scotland.
As few of these residents had traveled outside of the village, this was one of the most unique claims we had ever worked on in that very few residents traveled out of the village.
Much to their surprise a settlement was reached and their village was restored.

Dupont Hotel Fire

Representing Mel Belli was one of the most eye opening situations of my early career. Not only did I get to work with him on a one-to-one basis, but I also was able to go behind the scenes to see how Class Action, in its early days, worked. We ended up representing, by consent, numerous firms, with over one thousand plaintiffs. This was, up until this time, the second largest group of plaintiffs we managed.


San Fransisco Earthquake

Four days after the San Francisco Earthquake, Bill Choulos, one of the most colorful attorneys in the history of the industry, called me to represent survivor Buck Helm. Helm, a longshoreman was found alive on the Nimitz Freeway. Lucky Buck (a title created by the media) quickly became the rally call for the city to resurrect itself. Sadly, he passed away one month later. On behalf of Helm’s family, we negotiated a movie based on his life.
Miracle on I-880 was released as a Movie of the Week.




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